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Your First Visit

What to Expect

We’ve created this helpful guide of what to expect during your first visit to our Chiropractor! We’ve also included expected amounts of time for each step.


After booking your initial visit, you will receive a welcome email and intake form. Your intake form can be completed electronically on your phone, tablet, or computer. By filling out your intake form prior to arrival, it will save a lot of time at your appointment!

Arrival | 5 minutes

Upon arrival, our receptionist will get you checked in and get a copy of your driver’s license. While waiting, feel free to browse our lobby. We strive to make sure our wait times are very short.

History & Examination | 10-20 minutes

You will be escorted by one of our fantastic assistants to an exam room. Either a trained assistant or a Chiropractor will ask you questions related to your complaint(s) to help develop a treatment plan. An examination will be performed which usually includes: general ranges of motion, palpation (feeling the area of complaint and surrounding areas, if necessary), and any other necessary tests depending on complaint(s).

Treatment Plan | 5 minutes

After the history and examination, our Chiropractor will discuss the findings during examination and develop a treatment plan. During this time, the Chiropractor will discuss pricing, treatment options, expected outcomes, and expected length of treatment plan.

Treatment | 10-30 minutes

Treatment is usually performed on the same day as the initial visit.

‍‍Total Initial Visit Time: 30-60 minutes


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